Editing Content

Adding a new page

Choose Add Content.

Add Content

Choose Basic Page (don't choose Articles as these will appear, blog-style on the Home page).

Basic Page

Enter a Title for the page

Enter your content in the Body area.

Editing a page

Go to the page and click the Edit tab.

To add a link

Select the text you want to appear as the link text and click the Link button.

(If you don't select any text before entering the link, just the link will appear.)

Enter the url for the link.

To add to the main menu

Choose the Provide a Menu Link option and add a menu link title before saving the page.

Click Save to save the page.

Adding an image

Use the Upload option to upload the image.

Then right-click the image link to get the path to the url.

Then click the image button on the toolbar and paste in the link.

Remove the text after the # in the link.

Edit the image parameters as required.

To paste text

Use the Paste button on the  toolbar.

To style text

Use the styles drop down